Trotwood mayor worries about Kroger store

Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald said she is concerned about the condition of the Kroger on West Siebenthaler Avenue because it is one of the few grocery stores near the city.

Much of the community’s concerns, she said, focused on trash in the parking lot and inside the store. The mayor said some people blame residents of the area, and others blame the store.

McDonald expressed that the city of Trotwood is listed as one of Ohio’s food deserts, and she wants the few grocery stores near her town to be taken care of.

“If that store is not successful, our community is going to greatly suffer,” McDonald said.

The Kroger store on West Siebenthaler has stood in the community for nearly 15 years, said Patty Leesemann, public affairs manager for the Cincinnati/Dayton Kroger division. More than $600,000 has been invested in the property over the last three years.

Wandra Beach shops at the Kroger on Siebenthaler said she wants things to change, because she fears the area could lose another store over time.

“We obviously have issues with keeping businesses in our community,” Beach said.

Kroger closed the doors on its Gettysburg Avenue location in 2008. There have not been any plans to close the store on West Siebenthaler.

“We don’t appreciate things until they are gone,” McDonald said. “I feel that it is important that we come together as a community and say there are certain behaviors that are not going to be accepted.”

Customers who have concerns regarding the conditions or service of any Kroger location are encourage to notify the store manager so they can work to resolve the issue.