Union gives Greater Dayton RTA revised offer ahead of January strike

Union members serving the Greater Dayton RTA said they’ve sent another offer to the transit authority in an attempt to thwart a strike in the first half of January.

The offer made Tuesday could settle the contract negotiations before a strike, said Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1385 President Glenn Salyer. The union represents bus drivers and mechanics.

If no agreement is reached, Salyer said the union could strike between Jan. 1-14. Previous reports by this and other news organizations that the strike would occur at midnight Dec. 31, but Salyer on Tuesday corrected the time frame for a potential walkout.

Officials with the RTA did not immediately comment on the union’s offer. Previously, the RTA officials have characterized the union’s positions as “false arguments.”

Salyer would not give details on the contract offer, other than to say it addresses increased pay and health insurance.

“It was a piece that we put together, we think to move the progress on, get it done,” Salyer said. “We’re hoping that (RTA) will see it that way and respond accordingly, and we can all come out and say ‘there’s no strike, we got a contract done.’ ”

The State Employment Relations Board requires a 10-day notice before a strike. The union said it has not sent such notification and would not until absolutely necessary to trigger a strike.

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