Upswing in Greene County property values reflects local trend


Upswing in Greene County property values reflects local trend

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Richard Wilson

Greene County residents will be getting notified of property reappraisals recently completed by the county auditor’s office.

On average, residential property values across the county are up by 5 percent, a marked increase from the last reappraisals in 2014, which saw a drop in values of 4 percent, according to Greene County Auditor David Graham.

The new appraisals reflect a pattern evident in the recent revaluations of properties in Montgomery County, where home values have rebounded since the subprime mortgage crisis and onset of the Great Recession in 2008.

Communities that saw the biggest increases in values include Beavercreek Twp., an 11 percent increase; Cedarville at 10 percent; Yellow Springs at 9.3 percent; and Bellbrook at 9 percent, according to the auditor’s office.

At negative .07 percent, Jamestown is the only Greene County community that saw an overall drop in values.

There are 73,000 parcels of property that were evaluated, and residents will have an opportunity to contest the findings if they deem the revaluations to be incorrect.

More detailed information on the new tentative values can be found here on the auditor’s website.

If you believe your property’s revaluation is incorrect, you can call to talk to the auditor’s office during an “informal review period” until Oct. 13, after which the new property values will be finalized for the 2018 tax bills.

To talk to a representative from the auditor’s office, call (937) 562-5621.

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