Source: CNN

WATCH: Homeowner sends package thief running with home security alarm

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The entire incident was captured on surveillance video, which shows the man casually walk up to the homeowner’s door and try to steal the package, but as soon as he reached for it, the alarm sounded and he frantically ran back to his car and left. 

According to WDAF-TV in Kansas City, the homeowner, Wayne Gassmann, installed ring cameras at his home four years ago after thieves broke into his house and stole a television and some electronics. Gassmann, who vowed to catch the next thief in act, did just that.

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He’s able to access live video of the cameras through the Ring app, and when a package containing a 34-inch monitor was delivered to his house while he was out Christmas shopping, the motion-detection cameras sensed someone on the property.

"I'm staring at my phone, and I'm like, 'OMG. There's literally a porch pirate about to steal something off my porch,'" Gassmann said. "I waited until he was close to the box and quickly got onto the app and hit the alarm button, and he took off running."

He shared the video on social media and sent it to Kansas City police who said recordings like that help them solve crimes.

With his property safe and sound, Gassmann is still in disbelief about would-be burglar's boldness and hopes the video sends a strong message and warning.

"Bad guys need to realize you can't get away with this stuff," he said.