Boil advisory in effect for nearly 100 Kettering homes

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Kettering homes without water during repair work

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATE @ 3:15 p.m. (June 29) 

Water service was restored around 1 p.m. today to around 100 households in Kettering after repair work was completed, according to the Montgomery County Environmental Services.

However, a boil advisory is in effect for at least a couple days. All affected residents received a door hangar notifying them, and will receive an all-clear notice once the advisory is lifted, according to the agency.

During a boil advisory, all water used for human consumption, such as cooking, drinking and oral hygiene, must be brought to a full, roiling boil for one minute.

Anyone with questions can call the environmental services dispatch line, 937-781-2678

UPDATE @ 1 a.m. (June 29)

Nearly 100 households in Kettering will not have water today while crews take care of some repair work.

Crews on Wednesday already marked off a few spots with spray paint and cones ahead of today's work that will shut off water to Beaver Avenue, Mohican Avenue, Sutton Avenue and Tremont Circle.

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Next-door neighbors Janice Lynch and Anna Waltmire on Wednesday were planning ahead for today's water shutoff.

"I already have my drinking water in one of the 5-gallon containers," Lynch said.

"I've been filling jugs with water and I plan to make my bathtub full of water," Waltmire said.

Nearly 100 homes will be without water for eight hours, from 8 a.m. to about 4 p.m. as Montgomery County Environmental Services crews work to replace valves.

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Once work is complete, those same residents will be under a boil advisory, which means they must boil water vigorously for one minute for drinking, cooking and oral hygiene. Brianna Wooten, communications coordinator for the environmental services agency, said the advisory should last only a couple days, she said.

Beaver Avenue residents Lynch and Waltmire said they are not looking forward to the inconvenience.

"Brushing your teeth, washing your face, waking up in the morning, the coffee," Wiltmire said.

"You certainly don't have the freedom to go get a drink of water or to use the toilet or turn on your water and go water your flowers," Lynch said.

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The women said they aren't too concerned, but have a message for the work crews: "Just do it right and good the first time," Lynch quipped, "that would be good for me."

Anyone with questions can call the environmental services dispatch line, 937-781-2678


Work to replace six broken water valves Thursday in Kettering means that four streets will be without water service.

Montgomery County Environmental Services said the work is preventive to reduce the number of people without water during future maintenance and repair work.

The water will be shut off beginning at 8 a.m. and last through about 4 p.m. for the following streets:

  • Beaver Avenue
  • Mohican Avenue
  • Sutton Avenue
  • Tremont Circle

Once the work is complete, affected residents will be under a boil advisory, when all water for human consumption must be boiled vigorously for one minute. A placard will be placed on the door of all residents to alert them to the boil advisory. An all-clear notice will be given once the advisory is lifted.

Excavation work on Thursday will close Sutton and Beaver avenues to through traffic. Steel road plates will cover the excavation sites to restore traffic during the evening.

The environmental services agency recommends that affected residents prepare for the water outage by filling containers with water to use for cooking, drinking, ice making and oral hygiene. Also, residents could fill the bathtub with water to use in flushing toilets in the home.

Besides the boil advisory once the water is turned back on, residents should refrain from doing laundry because a water discoloration will stain clothing.

Do not run hot water at this time or the discolored water will enter the water heater.

For more information, contact the 24-hour dispatch line, 937-781-2678.

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