Wendy's adds more bacon to menu

Wendy's is taking the burger wars to another level.

The fast food chain recently introduced its new burger: the bacon mozzarella cheeseburger.

According to the company's website, the burger is topped with garlic Parmesan cheese spread, a slice of mozzarella and three strips of bacon. It also has the standard spring mix and onions all resting between halves of a garlic butter brioche bun.

You may have to seek out the new creation, as Wendy's says it is only available at participating locations.

Those who have found and tasted the new burger are giving it a thumbs up on online reviews, saying that garlic is the central flavor.

The suggested price is $4.69 for a single, but you can add a second or third hamburger patty.

A single comes in at about 620 calories.

The burger has been in test environments in Seattle, Milwaukee and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania since last year, according to Delish.