West Dayton ALDI’s closing creates worry for area residents

ALDI’s in the Westown Shopping Center officially closed its’ doors this past Sunday.

>> West Dayton ALDI's to close Sunday

The discount grocery store’s closing has created more worries for families in the west Dayton area that already do not have enough full service grocery options, one concern that was voiced when the store announced its closure back in December.

“The people that had to use this facility know very well how important it is on this side of town. People who don’t, don’t understand”, said one Dayton resident.

>> Food distribution today for those affected by Food for Less fire

ALDI’s representatives previously told this news outlet that it looks at metrics to decide which stores to close or keep open.

The grocery chain still operates stores in Englewood, West Carrollton and Kettering.

There are no plans to bring a new grocery store to the plaza.

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