Woman wants Target gift card donor to know the right person found them

A woman said two Target gift cards with a message attached to some bicycle accessories were meant just for her.

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Brenda Spicuzza of Kettering told us she just recently started bicycling again after taking years off due to personal reasons.

She said she was shopping for a helmet and other equipment at the Target located at 2300 Miamisburg Centerville Rd. Saturday when she found the note and cards. Spicuzza said her friend who she bicycles with wanted her to wear a helmet, so she went shopping for one.

Spicuzza said she found the note and Target gift cards to attached to a helmet and a pair bicycling gloves. She said she almost didn’t see them.

The note read, “Hi! Please enjoy this small, random act of kindness in honor of my father-in-law, Jeff-an avid cyclist, a lover of the outdoors, and an all-around awesome dude. The only thing that I ask is that you always wear a helmet when riding your bike, and that you send any spare good vibes and healing thoughts out his way to the Pacific Northwest.”

“I was just crying in the middle of the store,” said Spicuzza. She said she was currently working on fixing up her bike and purchasing equipment, but it was taking some time because of the cost.

“I just felt like it was meant for me. It was like totally meant for me. I can’t explain it. This is just recent with me starting to bike again. It’s just confirming that, I guess it’s okay to still like the sport despite what was related to it with my past,” Spicuzza said as she held back tears. “I just want them to know that somebody really truly appreciated it.”

Spicuzza said she thinks the note implies something might have happened to Jeff while biking.

“I just hope they are okay. It’s a good reminder about wearing a helmet and safety,” she said.

“I’m sending good vibes to the Pacific Northwest to their father-in-law, Jeff,” Spicuzza said.

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