Bodycam video of possible drug overdose

Xenia officer honored for life-saving actions caught on body cam

For his quick actions in saving a life at a crash in January, Xenia Officer Patrick Walsh has been awarded the Casey Elliott Memorial "City's Finest" Award.

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The Casey Elliott Award, named after a former patrolman and captain who served the Xenia community for 35 years, is the highest honor in the Xenia Police Division and was recently presented to Walsh as part of the division's 26th annual awards ceremony. 

Walsh was one of the first on-scene of a single-vehicle crash the afternoon of Jan. 2. He found an unconscious passenger inside a burning vehicle. Body cam footage shows Walsh's actions, as he pulled the man from the vehicle and assisted emergency medical personnel in reviving the man with Narcan. 

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Xenia Police Chief Randy Person said in a prepared statement that "Officer Walsh exemplifies the dedication and selflessness that we expect from the officers of the Xenia Police Division.” 

Walsh, a 19-year veteran of the Xenia Police Division, was among several Xenia officers who were recognized for service. 

Communications Operator of the Year Award 

Jillian Pollock 

Leadership Awards 

Detective Marc Margioras, Sgt. Jeff Osborn, Sgt. Scott Beegle 

Silver Shief Commendation (highest level of overall patrol operations) 

Officer David Elliott 

Community Policing Award 

Officer Rudy Jones, recognized for maintaining close ties between police and the community 

Meritorious Service Awards 

Officers David Elliott, Chad Shelley, Tony Vitale, Ryan Linnell, Rob Swihart and Sgt. Scott Beegle.