BASE jumpers Nicholas Marinkovic (left), and Lars Elliott were arrested for going on to private property on Bryan Road in an attempt to jump from a 250-foot tower

Man who created stir in San Diego by parachuting from crane pulled similar stunt in Greene County 

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Nicholas Miljenko Marinkovic, 28, jumped with a parachute from a crane towering 480 above the street near the Pinnacle in the Park Building in San Diego, according to a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune. 

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In 2012, Marinkovic, of Chillicothe, was charged with criminal trespassing after he and another man jumped from a 250-foot tower in Jamestown.

Marinkovic, a self-described “professor of adventure,” said at the time that the charge wouldn’t stop him from jumping from a cell tower in Greene County.

On Friday, he landed and was taken to a hospital for a medical issue related to a “pre-existing condition,” according to police.