Man who robbed Butler County bank to buy engagement ring sentenced to prison

A Trenton man has been sent to prison for robbing two banks last year, one of which police say was done in order to purchase an engagement ring.

Dustin F. Pedersen, 36, of North Miami Street, pleaded guilty in April to two counts of robbery before Butler County Common Pleas Judge Michael Oster. On Monday, Oster sentenced Pedersen to four years in prison.

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Pedersen was indicted in February for robbing the Fifth Third Bank in Trenton on Dec. 16 and the US Bank on Tylers Place Boulevard in West Chester Twp. on Dec. 22. According to Trenton police, he presented his girlfriend with an engagement ring the day after the robbery in their city.

Records from Zales jewelry store indicate Pedersen purchased a ring worth just under $4,500 less than an hour after the Dec. 16 robbery.

According to the facts of the case, Pedersen walked into the bank wearing sunglasses, a jacket, white gloves and an orange Titleist hat.

“He passed a note asking for $20,000 with no dye packs,” Trenton Police Detective Sean Gill said in a hearing earlier this year.

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Pedersen also indicated he had a bomb strapped to himself, according to Gill.

As the teller counted out the money, the Pedersen grabbed the first stack and ran, Gill said. He got $8,800.

Pedersen was not developed as a suspect until the Dec. 22 bank robbery when Gill said he received a call from a woman who said Pedersen was on Facebook wearing hats that the robber in both heists had also worn.

A neighbor’s outdoor security cameras caught Pedersen leaving the residence on the morning of Dec. 16 wearing the same clothing as the robber.

Found in a car driven by Pedersen were the sunglasses, gloves and hat police believe he wore in the robberies, according to police.

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