Mason dad who wanted a son pleads guilty to endangering infant daughter

A Mason father pleaded guilty today in Warren County Common Pleas Court to child endangering for abusing his three-month-old daughter, according to the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office.

Jason Bittner, 33, was indicted earlier this year for child endangering and felonious assault after the infant’s injuries were discovered.

The felonious assault charge was dropped. Bittner is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 5 on the second-degree felony by Judge Timothy Tepe.

On Feb. 28, 2018, Bittner’s daughter was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and was diagnosed with injuries that included bilateral subdural hemorrhages, brain injury, retinal hemorrhages, 28 rib fractures, and facial bruising, according to police and prosecutors.

The investigation revealed that Bittner abused the child on Feb. 26, but refused to seek medical treatment for the child for more than two days.

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“This case demonstrates that there is no such thing as a stereotypical child abuser. No matter how things appear on the surface, you simply never know who might be capable of causing these types of horrible injuries to an infant child,” said Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell.

Bittner was resentful the infant, his second child, was a girl and not a boy, according to the prosecutor. But he also was intolerant of a fussy infant, Fornshell told this news outlet.

“There was underlying resentment over (the sex of the child), but his temper over the fussing may have had more to do with it,” Fornshell said.

Bittner told Mason police detectives the infant fell off a couch while in a “baby bouncer type seat” without a harness, according to court documents.

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It was not until 48 hours later after the child was running a fever that the mother took the baby to the hospital.

“The infant’s mother had no knowledge of the fall and had suggested the baby be taken to the doctor, but was convinced by Jason Bittner that the symptoms were from cold of flu and to try treatments at home,” according to court documents.

Bittner, a chiropractor, was arrested at his office in West Chester Twp. He was later released on $25,000 bond.

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