Meet the 8 new vendors at Oxford Farmers Market

Every May, Oxford sees the departure of Miami University students and the happy arrival of area growers. Oxford’s Farmers Market has resumed meeting every week, 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays, in Uptown Oxford.

Eight of the 43 vendors are new to this year’s Farmers Market.

7 Wonders Farm, in Somerville, was started last year by Jennifer Bayne, with the help of her 7 children (hence the name of the farm). They have already started to bring to the Farmers Market a wide variety of produce, including lettuce, spinach, arugula, and radishes, with much more to come, including eggs and meat.

The Aerie is a new farm on Brown Road owned by Amy and Nick Fankhauser, who recently moved here from Indiana. They are bringing to the Farmers Market a variety of organic sprouts, as well as eggs.

Cedar Hill Flower Farm, owned by Jennifer Domenico, features fresh cut flowers. Tulips are especially handsome this time of year.

Freels Farm, on the west side of Oxford, is well-known locally as a destination to pick-your-own berries in the summer. They are best known for its strawberries, but the farm also has other berries, as well as other produce.

Hanover Winery, south of Oxford, has quickly been adopted as our "local" winery. A few years ago, one of our top local growers Larry Johnson transplanted a few haskap plants, a subartic plant that produces tart berries that look like elongated blueberries. Larry has been using them in jam. Hanover took some of the haskaps and blended them with blackberries to make a wine called Dammit Annie, which has gained a cult following and earned national awards.

Running Spring Farm in Morning Sun, has lots of goats. So Running Spring's Kathy Lake is producing some handsome products from goat's milk. These include a variety of fudge and soaps.

Greek pastries, such as baklava and spice cake, will be at the market on alternate weeks. Lisa does not yet have a name for her new business. Her daughter is making dog treats.

New produce supplier Jim Geiringer has not yet started at the Farmers Market, but he has recently purchased a farm just outside Oxford and will be bringing a variety of produce to the market in the weeks ahead.

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