Miami County Restaurant Inspections

From Miami County Health District and Piqua Health Department reports:

West Milton Eagles

Address: 2270 S. Miami St., West Milton

Date of inspection: July 31

Violations/comments: Ensure temperature-controlled foods, for safety, are date labeled and used or discarded within seven days to limit bacterial growth. Clean fryer area equipment and fryer area walls, floor and vent hood of oil residual. Clean when needed and frequently. Observed water/liquid buildup in beer cooler bottom. Fix draining issue or remove liquid frequently. Also clean beer keg cooler of beer residual when needed. Remove any unnecessary or unused equipment that is in kitchen or in storage. Observed equipment that is not working or being used. Clean all cabinets and drawers of debris/build up/wood fragments. Also clean any storage utensil units/container of residual food/oil. Clean walk in cooler and freezer floor of debris/build up when needed and frequently. Observed wood platform in beer cooler. Do not use wood materials in coolers. Use hard water resistant surfaces for cooler or freezer storage (ex. Plastic or rust resistant surface metal). Observed raw food items being stored above ready to eat foods or cooked foods. Ensure all raw foods/meat/eggs are stored to prevent cross contamination.

Friendly Ice Cream Restaurant

Address: 1901 W. Main St., Troy

Date of inspection: Aug. 6

Violations/comments: Orange multipurpose cleaner on counter with clean plates. Store chemicals separate from clean equipment to reduce cross contamination. Corrected. Handles to equipment unclean. Clean. Sanitizer not reading on dish machine. Repair machine to ensure 50 to 100 ppm chlorine solution is used. All dishes must be manually sanitized until machine has been repaired and is working properly. Service company has been contacted. Old date stickers remain on clean dishes. Remove date labels during cleaning process. Multi-use items found stacked wet. Air dry prior to stacking. Note: Floors will need waxing periodically in storage areas where white tile was installed. This will ensure they remain cleanable. Employee open drink in cook’s area. Contain all drinks to reduce cross contamination. Corrected. No working hot water at cook’s hand sink. Repair to ensure hot water is provided. Inside of upright freezer door damaged. Repair door. No tongs provided at drink station for lemons. Provide tongs to prevent bare hand contact. Corrected. Observed the following foods out of temperature: 48 degrees F cottage cheese, 47 degrees F cole slaw, 46 degrees F sour cream. Keep cold foods 41 degrees F or below to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Correcting.


Address: 1251 E. Ash St., Piqua

Date of inspection: Sept. 5

Violations/comments: The pop nozzle by the drive through and some of the food containers need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized.

Bowman & Landis Turkey Farm

Address: 6490 E. Ross Road, New Carlisle

Date of inspection: Aug. 14

Violations/comments: No violations at time of inspection.

Riverside School

Address: 1625 N. Troy Sidney Road, Troy

Date of inspection: Aug. 12

Violations/comments: Observed unlabeled meat in freezer. Provide proper labeling on mean with source and inspection legend. Locate probe thermometer. Ensure booster heater is turned on prior to using dish machine.

LaQuinta Inn & Suites

Address: 19 Weller Drive, Tipp City

Date of inspection: Aug. 20

Violations/comments: Open glue board in kitchen area. All rodent stations must be contained. Remove open board. No sanitizer in three-compartment sink. Provide 50 to 100 ppm chlorine solution to properly reduce bacteria. Correcting. When carpet in dining area needs replaced, provide tile or linoleum surface in front of cabinets/food area.

The Brewery

Address: 111 W. Water St., Troy

Date of inspection: Aug. 16

Violations/comments: Side room off kitchen unorganized. Clean area and remove any unnecessary items. Floors in storage area unclean. Clean. Organize storage closets. Floors at bar both upstairs and down unclean. Clean. Fountain nozzles unclean. Clean. Standing water in bottom of beer cooler. Clean and remove all water.

Wendy’s Restaurant

Address: 825 W. Main St., Troy

Date of inspection: Aug. 6

Violations/comments: Observed daylight through the bottom of the back door. Ensure weather tight. Observed low grout area between tiles in food service area. Ensure proper grout level for proper clean ability of floor. Observed cold holding cooler not holding foods at 41 degrees F or less. All perishable cold foods must be held at 41 or less to limit bacteria growth. Manager called repair. Observed handles on equipment with food residue. Clean.


Address: 15 S. Dorset Road, Troy

Date of inspection: July 31

Violations/comments: Observed temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods holding in prep cooler at or ranging 42-44 degrees F. All TCS foods must maintain 41 degrees F or below to limit bacterial growth. Fix issue. Floors in kitchen area need replaced/repaired or resurfaced. Floors are not easily cleanable. Also clean all hard to reach areas of debris/residual (ex. Under equipment, corners, along walls). Clean three compartment sink area wall and clean sink of residual staining/build up (clean when needed or every 24 hours). Also recaulk this wall area. Felt handles of equipment with food, oil residue. Clean when needed or every 24 hours.

Clean outside storage area of debris on floor. Ensure all utensils are off floor. Observed onion bag on floor in outside storage building. Ensure all foods in dry storage are six inches or higher to prevent contamination. Observed cutting boards that need replaced or resurfaced to ensure easy cleaning. Grease trap lid is not cleanable. It has rusted or degraded to a point that it is not smooth and easily cleanable. Clean areas of prep cooler that are hard to clean of food residual/build up. Sandwich prep line scrappers’ holders are not easily cleanable. Clean this holder properly and frequently when needed.

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