Miami University suspends another fraternity

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity is suspended through May 2018, Miami officials said Wednesday.

“Miami’s Office of Ethics and Student Conflict Resolution investigated allegations against the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, as it does with all allegations of misconduct against individuals or student organizations. We also worked with the national fraternity office,” said Miami spokeswoman Claire Wagner.

“While the majority of our students in the Greek system are focused on leadership, scholarship, community and service, we were disappointed to learn of hazing allegations. Behavior that risks the health and safety of fellow students is completely antithetical not just to Miami’s values, but the espoused ideals of every Greek organization.,” Wagner said.

In April the university, which is the largest employer in Butler County, announced the suspensions of two other fraternities.

Miami officials said at that time: “Following investigations into allegations of hazing and alcohol violations, Miami University and the national council of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity have jointly suspended the Miami University chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, and both Miami University and the national council of Phi Kappa Tau have suspended the local chapter of Phi Kappa Tau.”

Nine greek organizations are currently suspended on Miami’s campus. Only one banned chapter — Alpha Xi Delta — is a sorority.

Wagner pointed out that only a small number of the school’s greek organizations are in trouble.

“Miami has more than 50 fraternity and sorority chapters, comprising about 4,000 students,” said Wagner. “Last year, sorority and fraternity members tallied 19,694 hours of community service and a GPA slightly higher than the rest of the student body.”

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