Michigan couple renovates bus for cross-country adventure

Credit: wattersflores/Morguefile

Credit: wattersflores/Morguefile

A Michigan couple sold their possessions and are riding off to look for America.

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Their adventure sounds like an old Simon and Garfunkel song, but Caleb and Stephanie Rutkowski are ready for some traveling on a renovated school bus they bought five months ago, WXMI reported. The couple, who were married in July 2017, will be leaving home during the holidays.

After buying a 2004 Bluebird school bus, the Rutkowskis transformed the 300-square-foot vehicle into a home that included a kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area and a king-size bed, the television station reported.

"They're actually pretty cheap," Caleb Rutkowski told WXMI. "I'm a carpenter by trade, and we decided to renovate the bus in hopes of traveling one day."

The couple call the vehicle the Boom Bus. Once it was completed, they sold their belongings, rented out their home for two years and prepared to head west, the television station reported.

"It feels really good to purge all of your things and kind of evaluate what you need and what you don't need," Stephanie Rutkowski told WXMI. "At first (our family and friends) thought we were crazy. They probably still think we're crazy."

The Rutkowskis left Sunday on a four-leg trip to Arizona and already have traveled into Missouri. They are sharing their experiences through social media on Instagram and Facebook.

"We want to go somewhere with a mild climate," Stephanie Rutkowski told WXMI. "We like to hike, and our goal is not to be on the bus but to be outside enjoying nature and everything God created for us to enjoy."

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