Monroe Schools seeks input on new building, grade realignment

The Monroe Local School Board will hold a special board work session, that will focus on new facilities, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Nov. 27 at the Monroe High School Auditorium, 220 Yankee Road.

This is the second open meeting where the board will share information about the anticipated construction of a new school building to accommodate the growing student enrollment.

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The district qualifies for 49 percent matching funds from the state for the construction, and the board is considering whether it is best to build the new school on the site of the current grades 2-12 building on Yankee Road, or on the site of the grades K-1 primary school on Macready and Elm.

The board will also be discussing the grade configuration of the new building. They are considering the merits of a new high school, middle school, or elementary school.

This is scheduled as a board work session, and there will be opportunity for people to share their thoughts and questions with the board at the meeting, according to the district.

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The district’s Primary building, constructed in 1954, was designed to house 339 students and currently has 470 students enrolled. The district’s 2-12 building was opened in 2004 and was designed for 1,883 students. There are currently 2,410 students attending the school.

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