Mike Greiner with Air Force Research Laboratory rode his second Blue Streak Time Trial Sept. 11 as a way to ‘keep my competitive edge.’ His time of 24:15 gave him a 24.7 mph average and 26th place overall. (Contributed photo/Chuck Smith)

Monthly bicycling competition draws 73 riders Sept. 11

Josh Bozue, age 33, of Fairborn and Team 9258 Wealth Management, led the field of 73 bicyclists in his sixth consecutive 2018 Blue Streak Time Trial Sept. 11. Bozue needs to win on Oct. 9 to be the first ever cyclist to dominate Blue Streak throughout a full seven-race season since Blue Streak began in 1998.

Bozue’s time of 20:42.8 gave him a 29.0 mph average over the 10-mile Blue Streak course. He averaged a blistering 29.6 miles per hour in the Aug.14 Blue Streak.

Bozue’s nearest competitors were Craig Carroll of Troy and Gregg Ness of Fort Wayne, Indiana, both finishing with a 27.7 mph average. Gary Painter of Fort Wayne returned from a 13th place finish in his age group in the World Time Trial Championships in Italy to finish fourth in Blue Streak at 27.5 mph.

Michael Greiner of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Systems Technology Office rode his second Blue Streak Time Trial on Sept. 11. His time of 24:15 gave him a 24.7 mph average and 26th place overall.

The 35-year-old civilian engineer said, “As I’m getting older I am trying to find hobbies to keep my competitive edge. The Blue Streak TT definitely scratches that itch.”

Greiner added, “I would say I am happy with my performance. I don’t have an aero bike or aero bars, so it is going to be tough to compete with the tech edge that most of the other riders have. Moreover, there are a lot of really strong cyclists at this event, so my training will have to pick up quite a bit as well if I wish to become more competitive. The course is awesome. Traffic is minimal. It is cool to see the C-17s on the flight line as we race around the base.

“The weather was perfect on Tuesday. It was in the middle 70s, slightly sunny, and dry. Couldn’t ask for anything better than that. I do plan on coming back in October. I am hopeful I can make all the events next year and for many years to come. This event has provided me with ample motivation to hop on my trainer and train for next year’s series,” Greiner added.

The final 2018 Blue Streak Time Trial will take place Oct. 9. Participating riders should gather in the Area A Tennis Club parking lot with their bicycles and helmets between 5 and 5:30 p.m.

Blue Streak riders are asked to register and obtain numbers at the table in the parking lot by 5:30 p.m. Bicyclists will be released at 30-second intervals to ride the 10-mile course starting at 6 p.m. Helmets are required.

Those without base access must pre-register at least a week before each Blue Streak Time Trial by going to the Speedy Feet website at http://www.speedy-feet.com/race-entry.php?id=1472.