Chabot bill is aimed at protecting child refugees in Burma

Republican Steve Chabot of Cincinnati has joined up with Democrat Joe Crowley of New York to press the Trump administration to prevent the Myanmar military from pushing the minority Muslims out of Burma.

Chabot and Crowley last month sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that describes how “over 500,000 people,” mostly of the minority Muslim community known as Rohingya, “have fled Burma for Bangladesh, including at least 250,000 children.”

Chabot and Crowley urged Tillerson to “do everything possible” to protect those Rohingya trapped in Burma or displaced from their homes.

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Chabot is part of a broad effort involving lawmakers from both parties, including Democrats Marcy Kaptur of Toledo and Robin Kelly of Illinois, to address the human rights violations allegedly committed by the Myanmar military.

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Chabot co-sponsored a bill with Kelly that passed the House in a voice vote earlier this month. It is aimed at making certain that children – young girls in particular – can still receive an education if they are displaced by conflicts.

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“In addition to running from war, strife and famine, this lack of education makes these young people easier targets for terrorist organizations and human traffickers,” Kelly said.

Added Chabot: “Most people also believe that it’s in our best interests to not have turmoil around the globe because it ultimately will hit us here at home.”

Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, and Bob Menendez, D-New Jersey, in July introduced a version of the same bill.

“I feel pretty good about chances in the Senate,” Chabot said.

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