DNC 2016: Protests underway near Democratic National Convention

Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters and delegates are taking to the streets and the Wells Fargo Center to get their message heard.

Sanders, who gave Hillary Clinton a strong challenge for the Democratic presidential nomination, will speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention.


Protests are mainly taking place in central downtown and a march is set to start from City Hall this afternoon.

Many of the Sanders’ supporters are not signaling that they are ready to back Clinton. There are a lot of signs in the crowd against her and Republican nominee Donald Trump.


Mellissa Landrum, a Sanders delegate from Columbus, said today that the Democratic Party is "not doing enough to show they want to unify" with Sanders' supporters.

“They need to do something to put the olive branch out there to show they want to be with us,” she said.

We will be out on the streets of Philadelphia today and bring you more on the marches as they happen.