DNC 2016: Sanders supporters stage sit-in

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

DNC: Sanders upporters wear tape to show frustration at process

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATE @ 10:02 p.m.: There are media reports surfacing that Bernie Sanders supports who staged the sit-in joined with anti-police brutality protesters in the streets outside the convention site.

Some in the crowd chanted “keep the peace,” according to nbcphiladelphia.com, and police cruisers with sirens activated were driving by trying to block the group. There has been no word of any arrests.

UPDATE @ 8:35 p.m.: The Bernie Sanders supporters who staged the sit-in numbered about 500.

The demonstration, which took place in one of the media tents outside the convention hall, was peaceful and a police presence moved into the tent. The incident lasted just under an hour.

Steve Holecko, a Sanders delegate from Cleveland, waited in the street separating the media tents from the convention hall.

“This was a symbolic, non-violent protest,” Holecko said. “It’s basically because from Day One those of us who put our heart and soul in the political revolution saw the system as rigged.

Holecko says he plans to vote for Clinton.

UPDATE @ 8:04 p.m.: The sit-in by Bernie Sanders supporters began after he moved to nominate Hillary Clinton by acclimation, according to media reports.

The delegates, once they made their way outside Wells Fargo Center, marched into the press pavilion about 7 p.m. and sat in silent protest. Some delegates, according to the Washington Examiner, put tape over their mouths.

Others sang “This Land is Our Land” and still others held a banner that read “We The People.”

The supporters have told reporters the planned, peaceful protest is their complaint about being shut out of the Democratic Party.


Supporters of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders have taken over the media tent and are staging a sit-in. They are not allowing media in or out of the tent.

We have reporters on scene and we’ll update this report as facts warrant.

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