Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson delivers remarks at Liberty University on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 in Lynchburg, Va. (Jay Westcott/The News & Advance via AP)
Photo: Jay Westcott
Photo: Jay Westcott

Gary Johnson in Cincy: Relishes role of spoiler in presidential race

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has no chance of winning Ohio — or any other state for that matter — but that has not stopped the former governor of New Mexico from waging a spirited campaign and offering voters an alternative choice beyond Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.



National polls show that Johnson, who will appear on the Ohio ballot as an independent, is likely to get about 5 percent of the vote across the nation. In Ohio, Johnson had been polling in low double-digits around Labor Day but has since fallen to 5.3 percent, according to Real Clear Politics polling average.

Johnson makes no apologies to those who say he is a spoiler, pulling votes from Trump and Clinton.

“I’m really proud of the fact that I’m offering up that principled vote. You might say that everyone who is voting for me might not have gone out to vote in the first place,” Johnson told this newspaper in a one-on-one interview before a rally in Cincinnati on Saturday. “Historically what I’m doing is going to be looked at favorably because I’m of the things that I’m saying and that these are the things that should be said.”

Here is what he is saying the country needs:

“It’s not an option to do nothing when what’s looming out there is this is runaway. This is a $50 trillion debt in eight years is nothing gets done. You can’t balance the federal budget – this is what I always tell people – you can’t balance the federal budget if you’re not going to address Medicaid and Medicare and military spending. You just can’t do it.”

Johnson described Republican Donald Trump’s allegations that the election is rigged as “nutty.”

And he believes the news about the FBI re-opening its investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s emails is a possible game changer.

“This Hillary thing. I thought Trump was toast. I have as many problems with Hillary as Trump. But clearly, Trump was his difficulties. This is about as big a bombshell as could be dropped on the election so at this point, the winners are going to be…the Johnson Weld voters,” Johnson said.