Arkansas mom, daughter killed by same man 23 years apart, officials say

An Arkansas mother and daughter were killed by the same man 23 years apart, authorities said.

Martha McKay, of Crittenden County, was killed Wednesday by the same man who killed her mother in November 1996, investigators said.

According to officials, Travis Lewis tried to run away from the crime scene. He could not get away, so he jumped in a lake and killed himself, authorities said.

Lewis had been out on parole since 2018.

Officials said that in 1996, Lewis killed Sally McKay and Joeseph Lee Baker Jr. in a house on Horseshoe Lake.

Both mother and daughter were killed in the same house.

Neighbors said what happened Wednesday morning was like something from a horror movie.

“We locked our doors and remained inside and prayed for the best,” a neighbor said. "We were able to look out the window and see them patrolling the waters.”

Neighbors said their community is usually safe.

“It is just a scary sad thing that’s happened,” the neighbor said. “We are praying for the family.”

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