Art center searching for Florida graffiti artist

A Florida art center is asking for an enigmatic graffiti artist with an eye-catching palette of canned paint to step forward to help bring awareness to the medium.

The Leesburg Center for the Arts is looking for the artist who uses the tag "Mute" and has painted various walls throughout the central Florida city of Leesburg, The Daily Commercial Reported.

"Graffiti is a rogue art and I believe has its place as part of an expression of free speech," Maria Stefanovic, center director, told the Daily Commercial. "We have no idea who Mute is, but the use of colors are exquisite. I think this individual has a unique perspective of our community, and I want to hear it."

The city recently painted over a wall that was filled with graffiti. Stefanovic is pushing officials to create controlled environments to foster graffiti artists.

"There was some real beauty on that wall, including Mute's tag," Stefanovic told the Daily Commercial. "One artwork showed a family of elephants, portraying how family is stronger together than apart. It encourages me to know there are artists in our community, and we are trying to reach out to them."

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