Coronavirus: Georgia grandma using driveway as canvas for creativity during quarantine



How about this for a creative new hobby? Use your driveway as a canvas and make people smile.

Just call Kathy Wood superwoman.

The Georgia grandmother not only “flies” over the “Big Chicken,” but she can jump away from alligators and parachute down from the sky.

"At first, it was boredom. Then I thought my grandkids would get a kick out of it since I couldn't see them that much," Wood told WSB-TV.

That’s all the inspiration she needed.

For the last six weeks, Wood has spent anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours a day using her sidewalk as her canvas.

“Well, I thought that would be funny. I thought if I did something that wouldn’t be possible for me,” Wood said.

Dunking like Michael Jordan and swimming with "Nemo" and "Dory" have become a part of everyday life.

“I just draw them at the top of the driveway near the house,” Wood said. “I just want to give a shout out to my husband, Jerry, who every day, goes out and hangs out the window, and tells me if my foot is straight, do I need to lean back.”

Wood said her husband takes the pictures and they share them on Instagram and Facebook.

In a world where scrolling is endless, Wood’s chalk art has gained some loyal followers.

“People are telling me they look forward to it in the morning when they’re having their coffee,” Wood said.

She said she did not expect her hobby to become so popular.

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