Coronavirus: How not to gain weight while working from home during pandemic

People who are not used to working from home now may have more to worry about than the new way things are getting done. Between the general stress and unending access to every snack, chip and chocolate that is stocked in the pantry, weight gain may be expected.

So how do you not pack on extra pounds while being stuck at home for days or weeks?


Some experts say stick to your normal eating schedule as much as you can. If you would eat at the office, eat at home if you can, the website Eat This, Not That suggested.

Get dressed

Don't spend the day in your pajamas or leggings. Get dressed in something with a tight waistband. You'll know if your weight starts creeping up, Men's Journal said.

Preplan snacks

You're going to snack. But you can plan ahead. Make them early, put in containers, don't eat from the chip bag, Eat This, Not That saidFox News took it a step further and said put the snacks in clear containers at eye level.

Move your work stations

If you are eating because you're are getting stressed, then move. Move your work station, or even take a break. Go outside if you can or even text a friend, or play a quick game on your phone, Fox News suggested.

Eat This, Not That says also to be active. Do some sort of exercise every day.

Men's Journal said to set a timer to make sure you take a fitness break and make your work area a no eating zone.

Listen to your body

Are you stressed, bored or really hungry? Once you figure that out, then work around it.

If you’re tired, rest. If you’re not getting a full night of sleep, then you may be snacking to fill the void.

Track what you’re eating

Keep a food diary to make sure you know what you're consuming, Eat This, Not That said.

Be kind to yourself if you have a hiccup

The pandemic is nothing that most of us have ever dealt with. You are going to have bad moment, and cave to the chocolate bowl. Just don't beat yourself up about it. Just move on and try to do better, Fox News said.

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