Coronavirus: How two elderly men faced COVID-19 pandemic head-on

FILE PHOTO: Two elderly men were able to survive coronavirus diagnosis.

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FILE PHOTO: Two elderly men were able to survive coronavirus diagnosis.

They have lived through a lot and now, the coronavirus pandemic is just one more cross to bear and some elderly men and women are vowing to conquer this, too.

One man from Rimini, Italy, identified as “Mr. P,” was diagnosed as coronavirus positive last week. Days later, he was recovered and released from the hospital.

Mr. P is an expert in survival apparently. He was born in 1919 as the Spanish flu infected and killed hundreds of millions of people, Forbes reported.

The 101-year-old man was not alone in surviving COVID-19 illness at an advanced age.

Bill Kelly is 95.

He was diagnosed two weeks ago with coronavirus.

During his long life, he has faced many challenges, having lived through the Great Depression, The Oregonian reported.

The former Navy SeaBee also fought in Guam in 1944 during World War II. He returned home after three years of service in the South Pacific, Military Times reported.

Kelly, who lives in Oregon, also has three preexisting medical conditions: stage 3 kidney disease, congenital heart disease and high blood pressure.

After a quick stay in the hospital because of his other ailments, he was home, his family keeping away from him as much as they could, cleaning what he touched and Kelly forcing liquids, resting and watching television. He also said he prayed, The Oregonian reported.

A Facebook post by Kelly's granddaughter, Rose Ayers-Etherington, said Kelly is tough is nails. She also said her grandfather said, "I survived the foxholes of Guam, I can get through this Corona Virus bull****."

The entire family, who were all quarantined because of Kelly's illness, were medically cleared on March 30, but not before Kelly drove them all a little crazy blasting the "Chicken Dance" polka music through the house, Ayers-Etherington told Military Times.

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