Coronavirus: Joe Buck invites fans to send videos so he can call play-by-play

When there are no sports to call, what is a broadcaster to do?

Joe Buck, the lead announcer for Fox Sports, has come up with a novel idea to pass the time while the coronavirus pandemic has forced sports to the sideline and relegated families to their homes.

Buck went on social media Sunday and tweeted an invitation for his followers on Twitter, urging them to send videos so he can keep his commentary skills sharp.

"While we're all quarantined right now without any sports, I'd love to get some practice reps in," Buck tweeted. "Send me videos of what you're doing at home and I'll work on my play-by-play. Seriously!"

Buck, noted for his baseball and football announcing, kicked off the home videos with one of his own, narrating play-by-play involving his wife, Michelle Beisner-Buck, and his young son, Wyatt,

"This is called negotiation, ladies and gentlemen," Buck said in the home video he tweeted. "Michelle on the left, is trying to prepare dinner. Wyatt on the right, fighting back a yawn, dressed like kind of a half-assed Fred Flintstone. And he's now -- he wants to watch Blippi, folks.

“Oh, and he’s hit his mom! He has hit his mom! Mom is playing it up! Wyatt is crying! All hell has broken loose inside this house, quarantine Day 7. For us, it’s about Day 13. But they’re hugging. Everything has come back together.”

Buck said if a video is posted, the contributor must pledge to donate to COVID-19 relief efforts, according to The Sporting News.

The videos have already been coming, and there are some good ones for Buck to tackle. It looks like Buck, son of legendary broadcaster Jack Buck, will be able to keep his vocal cords sharp for the next national sporting event.

And, that’s a winner.

Here are some candidates:

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