Cowboy pigeon ‘Cluck Norris’ caught by Las Vegas rescue group; ‘Coolamity Jane’ still at large

“Cluck Norris” has been captured, but “Coolamity Jane” has still flown the coop.

The two pigeons went viral on social media last week when a Las Vegas man shared a 12-second video of the birds wearing tiny cowboy hats while strutting around a parking lot. Lofty Hopes, a Las Vegas pigeon rescue and advocacy group, said it caught up with the red-hatted Norris on Monday, KSNV reported. The group said it would continue trying to track and capture Jane, who is wearing a pink hat.

Cluck Norris landed in a trap set up by Lofty Hopes near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, the Reno Gazette reported.

Coolamity Jane was spotted near the trap Monday but did not follow her counterpart, the newspaper reported.

"We'll have Coolamity Jane real soon," Lofty Hopes co-founder Mariah Hillman told the Gazette.

Bobby Lee was heading to the grocery store Dec. 10 when he saw the birds pecking the ground in a Las Vegas parking lot near a dumpster, The New York Times reported.

"The birds have hats on, bro!" Lee, 26, can be heard during the video, which he posted on Facebook.

A Lofty Hopes spokesman told KSNV that the cowboy hat on Norris is glued on. The spokesman added an attempt to remove the hat revealed it might harm the pigeon, the television station reported.

Norris had an appointment with a veterinarian Tuesday to see if the hat could be removed safely, KSNV reported.

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