The "United" States of America?

The American Civil War ended in June 1865. But in November 2012 some American citizens are petitioning their state governments and are calling for a breakage from the United States of America. Read some of the news articles and readers' reactions below:

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News of secession began after the re-election of President Barack Obama. Now, major news stations across the country are picking up on the news.
Residents In All 50 States File Petitions To Secede From United States23 hours ago ... As you may have heard, residents in most of these United States have used the " We The People" online petitio...
States petition to secede from union - CBS News3 days ago ... Angst at election result prompts dismayed citizens in at least 20 states to petition the White House for permission to s...
States With Most Signatures to Secede Took Millions in Federal ...20 hours ago ... All the states petitioning to secede from the United States that obtained enough signatures to elicit a response from ...
Many Americans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their opinions on the matter:
On this date in 1864, General Sherman began his March to the Sea. I hope those idiots with their petitions to secede remember that. #UnionThomas Daniels Jr
675,000 people from all 50 states have signed petitions to secede from the United States since Obama was re-elected. #ScaryMichael Skolnik
Connecticut. If you believe in and care about personal liberty and and the founding principles of this once great country. Then go to and sign the petition to have Connecticut secede from the Union and form its own U.S. Constitutionally based government. It is within our constitutional rights to secede when our government becomes treasonous and no longer represents the very people they were "elected" to represent.Kenneth Roach
So far, there have been petitions from all 50 states to secede. Just how would THAT work?Lynne Metzler-Clemens
Reality check - We lost, but people signing petitions to secede is little over the top and makes our side look foolish unless millions signBruce Davey
OMG! All 50 states have requested to secede from the US. Texas, Louisiana, NC, and a few more have gotten the amount of signatures needed for it to go to a hearing. Boy we only thought Obama was the great Divider, now we know for sure.Jess Sibley
#goodbye ✈... #secession #secessionists #secede #usa #unitedstates Ingrid
This is getting ridiculous people.... #Texas #politics #idiots #Obama #RomneyRoyal Moreno
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