Google cancels its April Fools’ Day pranks due to coronavirus concerns

Google is known for its clever April Fools’ Day pranks, but this year the company has decided to shelve its holiday plans due to coronavirus concerns.

According to a company email, Google won't launch any pranks this year out of respect to all of those battling the coronavirus, The Verge reported. Management encouraged its employees to focus on being helpful to people and save the jokes for next April, according to the report.

Those who work in public relations are encouraging other brands to follow Google's lead, Mashable reported. April Fools' Day pranks could be seen as insensitive when the world is struggling to contain a pandemic, according to public relations experts. At a time when the public is seeking accurate information, any attempt to mislead or confuse could hurt a brand's reputation.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this Google April Fools' Day prank from 2019, the Google Tulip.

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