‘I've got to be dreaming’: Confusion reigns after piles of potatoes dumped in North Carolina city

Piles of potatoes dumped around New Bern, North Carolina, left several residents confused, WCTI reported.

"I've got to be dreaming right now," resident Alexa Maynard said. "My first thought is, 'This would only happen in New Bern,' but who would just come and just drop off a bunch of potatoes?"

After investigating, officials said a farmer donated potatoes to a local food pantry that distributed 2,500 pounds of food each week and an additional 30,000 pounds monthly.

Officials said after the farmer dropped off 15,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and people got what they wanted, about 2,000 pounds of potatoes were left.

A local pastor who helped coordinate the Craven Terrace potato donation said they were not responsible for a second reported potato drop off of the leftover potatoes.

New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw said the potatoes were typically picked up faster than they were this time, which caused some of the piles that were left for more than a week. He said the city will make sure it works with the community better so no donations go to waste.

Outlaw said the piles were cleaned up as soon as possible.

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