Hikers find bodies of child, woman in Washington state woods; deaths considered suspicious

Deputies in Washington state said they're working to confirm the identities of a woman and child whose bodies were found by hikers Tuesday evening on an old logging road in the 5700 block of Puget Beach Drive Northeast near Lacey.

Thurston County detectives called the deaths suspicious and said all signs point to homicide. Investigators do not believe the two people were killed in a murder-suicide.

"There are definitely visible injuries, at least to the adult victim, that we're able to tell at this point," said Thurston County Sheriff's Office Lt. Ray Brady. "That would lead us to believe it was most likely done by homicidal means."

Investigators said they believe one of the victims is a child based on size but could not yet provide a possible age or confirm the relationship between the two.

The bodies were found in a wooded area about 20 yards off the road, according to deputies, who said they don’t believe the bodies had been there more than 24 hours. Detectives are still working to confirm whether the woman and child died there or were placed there.

Deputies said the bodies could’ve gone unnoticed for days had the hikers not come along, who reported not seeing any other cars parked nearby that could’ve belonged to the woman or a suspect.

Part of the investigation will include checking recent missing person reports.

No suspect information or arrests have been announced.

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