‘We’re making 1.5 million more rolls a day’: Toilet paper supplier explains shortage during pandemic

If you're still struggling to find toilet paper and paper towels, you're not alone.

Early on, experts said hoarding caused the shortage, but there may be another reason.

Eric Abercrombie, a spokesman for Georgia-Pacific, a major paper company out of Georgia, said his company was surprised by the shortage at the start of the pandemic.

Georgia-Pacific used industry and census data and found with more people using the bathroom at home, demand for toilet paper is way up -- 40%.

He said his company is working as fast as it can to keep up.

“We’re making 1.5 million more rolls a day across our system,” Abercrombie said. “So, we are making more product. It’s not a matter of there’s not supply to make the product.”

Abercrombie said Georgia-Pacific is even shipping directly to some stores to ramp up their supply.

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