Man wins $2 million lotto jackpot after playing random Chinese fortune cookie numbers

North Carolina man won $2 million after playing the lottery with random numbers he got from a Chinese fortune cookie.

Claude Guezodje said he has been playing the same numbers on Mega Millions for almost five years but decided to make a change.

"Those numbers were from a Chinese fortune cookie and random numbers I picked for myself," Guezodje said. "I just liked those numbers and put them together."

Guezodje is a highway construction worker and stopped with his crew at a convenience store in Gastonia to pick up a few things before heading to a project. That’s when he bought his winning ticket.

He was one of two players across the nation who won $2 million in the drawing April 21.

“The first thing I’ll do is pay off my car and try to find a small house – nothing crazy,” Guezodje said. “And then, of course, I want to help my family back home.”

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