School bans homework in favor of family time

Where do we sign up? A school in Montreal has a no homework policy that has not only students thrilled, but not everyone agrees with the move.

Elizabeth Ballantyne elementary school in Montreal has instituted the homework ban to give kids and their families more time together.

Michael Brown, the school's principal, told CTV News that students should not spend all day at school working then be expected to have hours of after-school work.

"We want students to be at home being with their (families), being with their friends, playing and being children," Brown told CTV News.

"The best kind of homework is eating healthy, getting a good night's sleep and being ready for the next day of school," Brown told CBC News.

The students will still have assignments, but they will be done in class instead of sent home every night, CBC News reported.

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Other schools have joined Ecole Elizabeth Ballantyne after some research found that homework has little to no benefit for children through sixth grade and it also causes a lot of stress, and even arguments between parents and children.

But not everyone agrees with the no-homework movement. Some say that homework is important for reviewing what kids have learned in class.

"Those study skills, those work habits they develop by doing their homework will help them succeed throughout their lives," Steven Erdelyi, head of Solomon Schechter Academy told CTV News.

The no-homework initiative started in November. Teachers said they have seen calmer students within the school's hallways, CBC News reported.

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