Teacher comes up with hand stamp to make sure her students wash their hands

A third-grade teacher in Missouri has come up with a way to make sure her students keep up with their handwashing during the flu season.

Shauna Woods, a teacher at Hallsville Intermediate, has a stamp with her name on it and every morning she uses it to mark her students' hands. If the stamp is gone by the end of the day because of handwashing or using sanitizers, the students get a prize, Woods posted on Facebook.

The stamp was repurposed from its original use of stamping her classroom books.

When the students come to school in the morning, they wash their hands in the classroom sink. Then they get stamped. After the first training day, it became routine, "Good Morning America" reported.

It isn't only the students getting their hands stamped. Woods is also sporting the mark so she could be their role model, she told "GMA."

Now that their story has gone viral because of the coronavirus outbreak, Woods and her students may have started a wave of cleanliness not just in the school with other classrooms following Woods’ lead but also across the country.

"I just told my third graders at the end fo the day. This should keep their cup full because we're helping even the nation now. Half the kids in the nation might have stamps on their hands now and that's been exciting for them," Woods told KOMU.

Even the students’ parents are excited to see if their kids have stamps on their hands when they get home from school.

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