Tennessee tornado victims won’t be charged by hospital

A Tennessee hospital is waiving charges for 82 patients who recently came in with tornado-related injuries.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center will bill patients' insurance, but will not charge patient's their portion of the cost, the Herald-Citizen reported.

"We're going to bill the insurance and accept the insurance payment as payment in full," Chief Financial Officer Steve Ramey told the Herald-Citizen. "None of the patients will get a bill from us."

If patients happen to get a bill from the hospital, they should call the business office.

Hospital officials said patients might still get bills from the ambulance company, independent doctors or other hospitals if they were transferred in.

"We're trying to contact all those hospitals to let them know how we're handling it," Ramey told the Herald-Citizen. "We don't know what they'll do, but this is what we're doing."

At least 25 people were killed and numerous more were injured after two tornadoes ripped through parts of Tennessee on Tuesday.

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