Uber driver gets $300 tip from NFL player for long drive

Credit: Zhang Peng

Credit: Zhang Peng

An Uber driver who picked up a passenger at a Chicago airport embarked on a 550-mile trip Sunday night — and got a $300 tip for his long-distance trek.

When Hadi Abdollahian picked up his passenger at O'Hare International Airport, he hought he was signing up for a three-hour drive to suburban Buffalo Grove, CNN reported. But the Iranian refugee was asked to drive to Buffalo, New York, an eight-hour ride.

You see, Abdollahian’s passenger was new Buffalo Bills defensive back Shareece Wright, who had missed his connecting flight to New York and needed to be in camp the next day for offseason practice. Wright signed with the Bills last month after spending the past two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.

When Wright called and said he needed to be in Buffalo, Abdollahian thought the player wanted to go to a local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, ESPN reported. Told he meant the city of Buffalo, Abdollahian did not flinch.

"I'm a man of my words and if someone says it's an emergency he really means it," Abdollahian, 26, told CNN.

They arrived at 1 Bills Drive with mere minutes to spare before 7 a.m. meetings, Wright said. The defensive cornerback tipped Abdollahian $300 on top of the $632.08 ride, CNN reported.

"He didn't complain once. He kept me from stressing out. The only thing he complained about was people driving 50 miles an hour," Wright told CNN. "His focus was to get me there on time and he did."

When local company Bluerock Energy heard about the road trip they gave Wright a check to reimburse him for the Uber ride. But Wright thought Abdollahian deserved it more than he did and passed it along.

"Anyone's who's that passionate and focused about what he's doing, I'm more than willing to help anyone who's putting that foot forward to be successful," Wright told CNN.

Abdollahian confirmed that he received the check and shared a picture of it on Twitter.

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