Wedding held on NYC sidewalk as friend officiates from balcony during coronavirus social distancing

Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler were not letting the COVID-19 outbreak put a damper on getting married.

Originally the couple had planned on having a ceremony in October, but they actually moved up the day and had gotten a license, planning to go back to the marriage bureau later for the ceremony itself. But the mayor announced the office would be closed until further notice.

So, Jennings and Wheeler got married in the middle of a sidewalk in a residential section In Washington Heights in New York City, NBC News reported.

At first, they were not happy with the closing of the office.

"We sulked all day until our dear friend messaged us on a group chat letting us know he was ordained by the county clerk's office in New York City," Jennings told E!.

Matt Wilson did the honors from his fourth-floor balcony performing the ceremony only two hours later. Jennings, who wore a sleeveless white gown and had a bouquet of flowers, and Wheeler, who donned a black jacket and black jeans with a white shirt and white tennis shoes, stayed on the ground, E! reported.

A few friends gathered, but at a safe distance from everyone else as they adhered to social distancing.

"It was perfect, classic New York. Everything I love about this city was encompassed in that moment," Jennings told NBC News.

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