Need to consume energy wisely each day continues

The 88th Civil Engineer Group Energy Team is currently closing out an in-depth and successful energy awareness campaign during October. The month highlighted federally mandated energy action through awareness campaigns and outreach activities.

Energy Action Month may have come to a successful close this week and may be in the rear-view mirror, but the requirement to consume energy wisely is a continuous requirement throughout the year.

EAM challenged each of us to do our part and contribute to energy reduction by altering our daily habits and heightening our awareness regarding the energy we consume every day.

October included an 88th Air Base wing commander EAM proclamation, weekly articles published in the Skywrighter, lunchtime energy displays partnered with Dayton Power & Light and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio, weekend energy reduction efforts and a youth center activities energy fair.

Weekly Skywrighter articles in the past month covered a spectrum of topics, including an EAM campaign kickoff highlighting current program events, 88th Civil Engineering Group facility cooling-to-heating transition season, 445th Airlift Wing facility 34012 renovation and high-performance sustainable building guidelines, 88th Logistics Readiness Squadron ground fuel conservation, and Air Force mission assurance through energy assurance.

Personnel from 88 CEG and partners from Dayton Power & Light and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio also staffed lunchtime energy displays at several locations around the installation, including the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command, Area B Bldg. 16 food court and the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine.

The displays enabled Airmen an opportunity to ask questions, give opinions and pick up information and promotional items to foster energy awareness. One of the most successful events was a youth center activities fair with school age children. The team led a lighting display, instructing children and youth center staff on the relationship between exerted energy and electricity produced.

Moving on from October’s EAM observance, the effort to analyze processes and habits, refine a good balance and execute an action plan to consume less energy forges ahead.

From the WPAFB EAM proclamation, Col. Thomas Sherman, 88 ABW commander, states, “I challenge every Airman to work towards the common goal of protecting our energy power for environmental, financial, and mission assurance purposes.”

Team Wright-Patterson continues to strive to exceed federal energy conservation mandates, Office of the Secretary of Defense goals, and Air Force senior leadership benchmarks. The current motto, “Protect the Power,’ invokes thoughts and actions to do to help conserve the energy needed to carry out the mission while changing daily habits to simultaneously meet energy reduction goals.

Many of these reduction plans will require continued commitment. Partnerships and teamwork across the installation provide the opportunity for all Team Wright-Patterson members to work together and meet these commitments as a team to continually reduce energy consumption.

To learn more about energy initiatives or to submit any energy-related questions or ideas, contact the 88 CEG Energy Office at

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