New home for Franklin Twp. Confederate marker to be discussed tonight

Franklin Twp. trustees may decide tonight where a 90-year-old Confederate marker will be placed.

Trustees President Brian Morris previously told this news outlet that officials were working to establish a new location for the monument along Dixie Highway on private property.

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The monument placement is on the agenda for discussion at the trustees meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. today at the township offices, 418 Fairview Drive.

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Two weeks ago, Morris said a re-dedication ceremony date will be established once the monument is located on a new site.

“A lot of people might think that this monument has been a bad thing, but in my eyes it could actually be a great thing … because it’s a chance for people to open up that dialogue and have those conversations that need to be had.”

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The marker has been a source of controversy since August when the city of Franklin removed it from the corner of South Dixie Highway and Hamilton-Middletown Road. City officials said the monument was removed because it was within the right of way of Dixie Highway.

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Also on the trustee meeting agenda for tonight are a discussion of the township’s social media, e-mail and personal appearance policies and the job description for the township’s fire chief.

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