New Ohio gun college law won’t change UD, WSU stance

A bill signed into law by Gov. John Kasich on Monday will allow people to carry guns on Ohio’s college campuses but that may not change anything at Wright State or the University of Dayton.

The law allows people to carry a concealed gun on college campuses, in day-care centers and modifies other parts of Ohio's gun laws. A college's board of trustees has the final say as to whether guns will be allowed on individual campuses.

University of Dayton officials have not taken an “official position” on the new gun law, said spokeswoman Cilla Shindell. UD does not allow people to carry concealed guns on campus.

At Wright State, officials have said they do not plan to lift a prohibition on guns on campus.

President David Hopkins said on Friday that students would see more signage on campus to remind them that guns would still be prohibited.

“That prohibition will still be in effect,” Hopkins said. “It’s important to remind people there is no change.”

Last week, Wright State's faculty senate came out against the law and passed a resolution against guns on campus.

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