New report shows nearly 685k Ohioans have concealed weapons permits

A new report shows that 684,938 Ohioans — nearly 8 percent of adults over age 20 — hold permits to carry concealed weapons.

Over the past five years, county sheriffs issued 394,264 new licenses to carry concealed weapons and renewed 290,674. The licenses are good for five years before they must be renewed.

Last year, 168,302 Ohioans got permits to carry concealed weapons — 98,927 renewals and 69,375 new licenses, according to a report issued Friday by the Ohio Attorney General's office. The number of new licenses decreased 10 percent but renewals increased 83 percent in 2018 over 2017, the report said.

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Ohio has reciprocity agreements with 36 states, allowing permit holders to carry weapons in those states.

Applicants for CCW licenses in Ohio must be 21 or older, pass a criminal background check, not be addicted to any controlled substances, and complete an eight-hour training class offered by a certified instructor.

Since Ohio’s concealed carry law first took effect in 2004, lawmakers have expanded where permit holders are allowed to carry their hidden firearms to include bars and restaurants, day care centers and college campuses if trustees permit it. Lawmakers also reduced CCW permit training hours from 12 to eight.

Here is a look at new and renewed license numbers for counties in our area for 2018:

Butler: 6,430

Champaign: 817

Clark: 1,905

Greene: 3,379

Miami: 1,699

Montgomery: 7,169

Warren: 3,936

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