‘Night Court’ stars, others pay tribute to Harry Anderson

John Larroquette summed up his feelings about the loss of fellow "Night Court" star Harry Anderson in one word Monday.

"Heartsick," Larroquette tweeted. Late that night, he added, "He was wicked smart. He was wicked funny. He had a big laugh. He had a big heart. He delighted in legerdemain especially when he caused someone to scratch their head and proclaim; How the hell did you do that? And he could eat a hamster like no one I ever knew."

Anderson, 65, was found dead in his North Carolina home by police Monday morning. The loss of the actor who played good-natured Judge Harry Stone from 1984 to 1992 brought out tributes from former cast members and stars.

Marsha Warfield, who came to "Night Court" in 1986 as the show's third bailiff, Rosalind Russell, left a tearful video on her Facebook page filmed in the front seat of her car after hearing the sad news.

"I didn't know I was going to be this emotional or I wouldn't have started this video," said Warfield, barely holding back tears.

"Harry was a good man, a good friend, he was good to me when I first got on 'Night Court,' " Warfield said. "Harry was the first one to reach out and offer me advice, and any help I needed. And I needed a lot at that time."

Warfield said she was going to head home and try "to process" the passing.

"I hope his family is comforted in knowing that he was so very loved, and so very talented," she said in closing. "I'm going to miss you, Harry. Harry the Hat. Rest in peace."

Markie Post, who played Christine Sullivan on "Night Court," couldn't pull together a tribute because she was too emotional. She said she would talk more later, "but for now, I'm devastated."

Columnist Dave Barry, whom Anderson played in "Dave's World," the 1990s CBS sitcom based on his life, wrote, "He was a very talented guy, and, more important, a genuinely nice guy."

Neil Patrick Harris was "stunned" by the death of fellow magician Anderson, who worked at Los Angeles' Magic Castle. Harris called him "one of my comedy and magic inspirations growing up."

"The world lost a truly gifted actor and magician: Harry Anderson," wrote illusionist David Copperfield. "Popular for his role on Night Court, Harry also inspired generations of magicians with his unique style."

NBC, which aired "Night Court," tweeted: "We'll miss you, Harry Anderson. The honorable Judge Harry Stone is forever in our hearts."

"I remember driving to NJ for $40/night gigs with him before he became a huge star," recalled "Mad About You" star Paul Reiser, adding, "Nobody does that AFTER they're a huge star. He was truly one of the nicest guys. A gentle soul. He will be missed. RIP friend."

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who guest-starred on "Night Court" multiple times "way back when," wrote, "Ran into him in N.Y. not that long ago. Always friendly. Always funny."

Producer Judd Apatow wrote about being 15 and interviewing Anderson.

"He was so kind, and frank and hilarious," Apatow wrote. "He was a one of a kind talent who made millions so happy."

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