What a pickle! Ohio company trying to get rid of 40,000 POUNDS of cucumbers

An Ohio company is really in a pickle. They’re trying to get rid of 40,000 POUNDS of cucumbers.

Massillon-based Freightway Transportation Services, a trucking agency, wants to donate pickle cucumbers to families or charities in need, according to the company. A load of 40,000 pounds was refused due to boxes shifting during shipping.

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“I’m in a real pickle,” the company owner said on Facebook. “Let us know if anyone wants to come fill up a bag, a box, or a truck. It is being stored currently at 39 degrees.”

Massillon is about a three-hour drive from Dayton.

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So, just how much is 40,000 pounds of cucumbers? It’s the equivalent to 20 tons.

For comparison, here’s what some other huge items weigh in tons:

  • A small car weighs about 1 ton
  • An adult male African elephant on average weighs about 7 tons, according to the San Diego Zoo
  • And a blue whale weighs about 200 tons

That’s a lot of cucumbers.

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