What you need to know about changes to Ohio driver’s licenses that are now in effect

Starting today you will need additional documents to get your driver’s license if you plan to fly. Also, you will no longer get your license at the BMV and will now get it in the mail. Here’s a look at what you need to know:

>> Ohio drivers will get license by mail starting July 2; cards get new look

NEW PROCESS: Licenses will arrive about 10 days after they're issued once the change takes effect July 2, the Department of Public Safety said. Drivers will be issued temporary licenses and ID cards in the meantime.

TRAVEL PLANS: Drivers can also request driver's licenses or ID cards that meet federal regulations for travel. Travel restrictions taking effect in October 2020 will require federally compliant driver's licenses to pass through airport security.

Here’s what you will need to prove full legal name, date of birth and proof of citizenship: 

(one of these)

* Birth certificate

* US passport

* A consular report of birth abroad

* Permanent resident card

* Certificate of naturalization

* Certificate of citizenship

Here’s what you will need to prove Social Security number:

(one of these)

* Social Security Card

* W-2 wage and tax statement

* 1099 form

Here’s what you will need to prove your street address:

(two of these)

* Change of address card

* Child support check stub

* Checking savings or online bank statement

* Federal or Ohio income tax return filing

* Court order of probation, parole or mandatory release

* Premises liability life insurance or automobile liability policy

* School record or transcript

* Installment loan contract

* Credit card statement

* Mortgage account or proof of home ownership

* Ohio motor vehicle title

* Ohio BMV vehicle registration mail in renewal notice

* Paycheck stub

* Professional license

* Property tax bill or receipt

* Ohio resident hunting or fishing license

* Ohio sales tax or business license

* Selective service registration card

* Social Security administration document

* Electric bill

* Telephone bill

* Water bill

* Sewer bill

* Cable bill

* Satellite bill

* Heating oil bill

* Propane provider bill

* Ohio concealed weapons permit

* Public assistance check stub or food stamp card

* Transportation Security Administration letter

* Ohio Standard Driver License or ID card

WHY ITS HAPPENING: Ohio joins 41 other states that provide licenses and ID cards through the mail. The change will prevent loss and theft of secure material from motor vehicle bureaus, provide a centralized and more secure printing facility and save money in the form of the cost of upgrading security measures at individual bureaus, the Public Safety department said.

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