Ohio ranks low among best states to have a baby


Ohio ranks 31st in the U.S. for the best states to have a baby.

August is one of the most popular for newborns, due to winter time being the most popular time for conception. With new births come new costs.

The U.S. has the highest birthing costs in the world. The rates vary between states, but the average cost to deliver is around $10,808, according to the International Federation of Health Plans. A C-section costs more, often an additional $5,000. Without proper coverage, these rates can be twice as much, according to WalletHub.

The ranking includes stats involving the lowest and highest of each of these variables: Cesarean-delivery charges, conventional-delivery charges, average annual infant-care costs, infant mortality rate, midwives & OB-GYNs per capita, pediatricians & family doctors per capita, and child-care centers per capita.

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When looking specifically at “Costs,” “Health Care,” “Baby-Friendliness,” and “Family-Friendliness,” experts found that Ohio ranked 31st.

With a total score of 43.80, Ohio ranked 15 for “Costs,” 32 for “Health Care,” 29 for “Baby-Friendliness,” and 30 for “Family-Friendliness.”

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While Ohio remains in the bottom half of the ranking, Vermont is the best state to have a baby in. With a score of 71.77, Vermont ranked 40 for “Costs,” 1 in “Health Care,” 4 in “Baby-Friendliness,” and 3 in “Family-Friendliness.”

To view the full report and each state or district's ranking, visit here.