Ohio State could create tuition guarantee program like one UD developed

Ohio State University may join other colleges in offering a tuition guarantee program similar to what was originally developed by the University of Dayton.

Tuition guarantee programs make it so a student pays the same price for tuition and fees all four years of their undergraduate education.

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UD started offering a tuition guarantee in 2013 and this spring’s graduates were the first to be enrolled all four years of the program. UD’s plan increased graduation rates among this spring’s senior class by 8 percentage points while reducing their cumulative loan debt by nearly $6 million, according to the university.

Ohio currently bars its public universities from increasing tuition. But, state universities that are engaged in a tuition program like the one OSU is considering are given some leeway.

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If Ohio State’s board of trustees approves the proposal as is, tuition would increase for freshmen starting at the school in August. It would not impact current in-state sophomores, juniors or seniors, according to OSU.

OSU’s board of trustees will consider the tuition proposal on Tuesday, according to the school. Both Miami University in Oxford and Ohio University in Athens have similar programs already in place as well.

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