Back in Fallujah again

You’ve seen, no doubt, the headlines about taking the war against ISIS into Fallujah, a city where American troops fought two bloody battles during the Iraq War. One of our occasional guest columnists, Matt Purple from the conservative website Rare, wrote this last week:

“It’s a familiar formula by now, isn’t it? American troops or American-availed forces win the shooting war, only to face an aftermath characterized by chaos and political uncertainty. With the Iraqi state collapsing, what standard will jaded Fallujah rally around? …While the Islamic State may ultimately fall, the venomous brew of disenfranchisement, destitution, fury, and radical ideology that pumps through its veins will endure. …

“Which means this may not be the last time vexatious Fallujah raises its fists in protest. After 13 years, we’re obligated to ask: how much longer must we keep doing this?”

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